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603 Tees is all about the New Hampshire, Live Free or Die lifestyle. I hope you enjoy browsing through my original Granite State designs and look forward to introducing you to a quality product that offers style, comfort and smiles.

From the beginning...

My dad owed me big dollars for all of the "good grades" I had accumulated over my early years in school. In eighth grade (when everything seemed big) I had almost convinced myself that it was actually some sort of trust fund; it had enough money in it that I would be made for a while, and my Dad was just waiting for me to become responsible before handing it over to me. Since eighth grade it has become apparent that I would remain ellusive to Responsibility and high school would just continue to get harder with each year. That meant those Good Grade contributions weren't going to be coming in at the same frequency as they had. It was exactly at that moment of truth, the proverbial light bulb went on, and I decided to create a plan. The plan involved me convincing my dad to ...at a minimum... give me some of the money owed to me. Time was a factor, because there was a very different, very possible, scenerio for the Good Grade fund... at any moment it would dawn on my dad to instead deduct money for my now, Bad Grades! In order for me to buy time it was critical for me to prove to him that I was actually, grazed by the freight train named... Responsibility! Truth is I was only grazed by one of the cars on that train; it's name is Reality! I now needed a way to pay for my car insurance, my music concerts and my dating.

The Plan...

I knew I could doodle fairly well, I laugh at myself often, so I knew I had a sense of humor, and I am forever in need of new t-shirts. That is where the wheels began to turn... My dad is an excellent graphic designer, has his own t-shirt brand and owed me lot's of money!
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"Hey Dad, what would you think about trading services instead of cashing me out of the Good Grade Fund? His reply was simple "If it's legal, I'm in!" I doodled, he converted the sketches into electronic files. My sister has even gotten involved in this! She works on color schemes in exchange for me not giving her any more random punches to the shoulder (luv ya sis!).

It has been a very positive experience, although a bit humbling. Evidentally I'm not as smart as I once thought I was, because my Good Grade fund is almost broke and I'm now just getting to the point of releasing product.

But hey ...no worries, it's all good, Guy!

Our full website is currently under construction and will offer online purchasing and many more designs.
In the meantime you could either call or visit my dad's brick and mortar shop to see what is available at:

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Please come back and check-in on us again soon!

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